Serving our community `ohana since 2006

Kaua`i Food Forest and Regenerations Seed Garden

Regenerations’ Seed Garden, part of the planned Seed & Soil Center, is a living seed bank devoted to growing and locally adapting seeds of multiple interests and inspiration. Our 1/8 acre field is planted with a diversity of seed bearing vegetables, over 20 taro varieties, and 7 types of sugarcane. The seed garden serves as an outdoor classroom and field lab, providing opportunity to trial multiple varieties and develop a local practice of sustainable agriculture.

Established in November of 2009, the seed garden has produced over 100 collections of seeds and cuttings. These collections have been distributed at the seed exchanges, public events, stored at the Kaua`i Community Seed Bank and re-propagated for the food forest and other Regenerations projects.

The food forest is an expansion in the development of locally sustainable agriculture. The project originated in a collaboration between Malama Kauai, Regenerations Botanical Garden, Sanctuary of LUBOF and community individuals. This 2 acre site, designed along permaculture principals, is intended to become a largely self-perpetuating, food production system. The food forest, now in the early stages, is reliant on community participation and stewardship for ongoing maintenance. Continued participation will evolve our skills in collective enterprise.

There are weekly opportunities to practice hands-on sustainable agriculture at the seed garden and the food forest. These experiences allow participants to explore the amazing diversity of plant species and varieties. Shared work sessions bring us together with others who love to learn and grow through the world of plants. Volunteers bring home gifts of the garden and the heart, caring for the earth and each other.

The seed garden, seed bank and food forest weave together our resources , knowledge and efforts to generate solutions, cultivate responsible stewardship and consciously align with nature as we co-evolve with it!

Open Community Invitation

When: 2 Sessions Every Saturday: 8:30am-noon and 2:30-5pm. 

Volunteer Activities: Planting, Weeding, Pruning, Digging, Hauling, Harvesting, Eating & More

Where: The Kaua`i Food Forest is located adjacent to the Kalihiwai Community Garden at Wai Koa Plantation/Kalihiwai Ridge, just north of Kilauea town. From Kuhio Hwy, turn onto Kahiliholo Road, headed mauka (toward the mountain). See Directions below.

Mission Statement

To design, implement, and maintain regenerative food forests for the Kaua’i community.

1. Develop a viable, self-sustaining food forest ecosystem through community stewardship.
2. Create a renewable source of biological diversity for reproduction, distribution, and conservation.
3. Incorporate a diversity of multi-use plants that meet the daily needs of people.
4. Provide an educational site focused on permaculture, community resilience, and plant diversity.
5. Provide a community gathering area based on sustainable food production through collective enterprise.
6. Ensure the continuation of the food forest for generations to come.


From the South:
Pass the Shell station in Kilauea, then pass the mini-golf course on the left. Make the next left onto Kahiliholo Road. There is a left turn lane and you will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.” (See below for more).

From the North:
Cross the Kalihiwai bridge, then make the next right onto Kahiliholo Road. You will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.”

From both directions:
Once you are on Kahiliholo Road in 1/2 mile there is a sign for “Pepperwood Plantation” on the right. Pass it and as the road curves to the right take the next left into a large driveway with a green Private Property sign. Go through the stone gate, and the garden is on the right.

By bus:
The nearest stops are in Kilauea and across from the Shell station.

Join our Food Forest Facebook Group to stay up to date and participate in the ongoing growth, expansion and development of our Kalihiwai Permaculture Food Forest.