Serving our community `ohana since 2006

Kaua`i Community Seed Bank and Library

Kauai Community Seed Bank and Library collects, cleans, dries, accessions, stores and distributes seeds and plant materials. We choose seeds that are native, rare, threatened, nutrient-dense, high-yielding, beautiful, medicinal and otherwise important to us, our island, and the planet.

The seed bank also serves as an information and plant materials resource for the seed exchanges, seed garden and community workshops. The seed lab is a place where people come together to learn about seed, share seed saving tools, and exchange botanical materials. We also have a small yet substantial reference library of books and journals related to plant diversity, conservation and sustainable agriculture.










KCSB initiated its collection in December 2007 by collecting, drying and storing Alaheʻe (Psydrax odorata), a native tree in the coffee family that grew outside the former seed bank lab in Moloa`a, Kaua`i. To date, we have banked over 750 accessions*. Season to season we grow in our capacity to support ecological and agricultural sustainability on Kaua`i . We are gathering and maintaining a regenerative supply of island-adapted, genetic plant resources for present and future generations. People everywhere, growing and saving seed, is a great means to ensure seed freedom and food sovereignty.

Caring for the plants that give us life is an act of service and self responsibility. Building community, based on reverence and generosity, resonates deeply with us. We encourage and support all of your participation. Everyone is welcome to visit and volunteer at the Kaua`i Community Seed Bank! We are planet loving people, building community and ecological awareness together.Kauai Community Seed Bank Logo

Volunteer Opportunities

When: By appointment

Volunteer Activities: Cleaning, drying, packaging, storing and distributing seed. Accessioning and data entry.

Where: Community Seed Lab located at Akamai Backyard in downtown Kilauea on Kaua`i’s north shore.

To volunteer or donate for this project, contact our team now: Contact Us
  *Definition of accessions: Recorded additions to a collection.