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Kauai Community Seed and Plant Exchange


The Kauai Community Seed and Plant Exchange is a well attended and much loved event, offered on Kauai since March 2008. It is a venue for growers and planters to gather and exchange non-invasive, non-GMO, plant materials, knowledge, as well as to build community.

The seed and plant exchange is held twice yearly, around the spring and autumn equinox. Seed is a part of our shared commons. Like clean water, air and sunlight, seeds are a part of our birthright. A birthright shared by all life on earth. Humans are the stewards of these resources which support all living beings. Seeds and plant diversity are key to the vibrancy and wellbeing of the ecosystems upon which humanity depends. Freely sharing seed supports the well being of life on earth.



The seed exchange has grown to an event that includes several participating organizations, including Heaven on Earth Starts, Akamai Backyard, Hawai`i Farmers Union United, Anaina Hou Community Park, and many others. This is a community operated event – all who bring seeds, plants and mana`o (knowledge, wisdom and understanding) are involved. A multitude of amazing volunteers show up to run the event. We are very grateful to all who show up and lend a hand – you make it happen.

The seed exchange supports community based stewardship of plant materials. The Kaua`i Seed Bank helps ensure that a diversity of island-adapted plant varieties are available for farmers and individuals.Together they work to support the conservation, cultivation, and distribution of plant diversity.

Grow and share seeds with the Regenerations ohana. Be a regenerator of earth, seeds, life, love and hope. For information to volunteer for the seed exchanges, please contact:. For donations to support the production of this event, please contact:

Our seed exchanges engender the “village” concept – it’s so basic, so primal. They generate joy and a sense of wonder in everything that we do. The seeds are given for free – it’s a “party of generosity”.

Regenerations Botanical Garden

The next Kaua`i Seed & Plant Exchange will be held on Sunday, March 13th, 2016 at Anaina Hou Community Park in Kilauea.

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