Serving our community `ohana since 2006


Humans  and all life depend on plant diversity for existence. Humans have significant and extensive impact on their ecosystems, affecting habitats and consequently biodiversity. Conserving diversity requires our intent and direct action: Learning about plants, propagating and regenerating them.

Choosing to engage in meaningful work with others from the volition of our hearts is fun and inspiring. Perpetuating biodiversity with our own hands is deeply satisfying. Partnering with the intelligence of nature enables us to find balanced and functional solutions.

Weekly opportunities are available at the Regenerations Seed Bank, Seed Garden and Community Food Forest to deepen our personal relationship with the earth and with each other. Together we are cultivating new values to pass on, as well as the plants we propagate. Be empowered: plant seeds, tend plants and pass them on. Empower: Hand someone a seed and teach them how to grow it. Join us at Regenerations, together we are resilient and empowered to grow a beautiful world.